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Something Else defines ‘else’ as ‘in addition to the persons or things mentioned or implied’.  I’ve found that in talking about marketing plans and working with small businesses, it usually ends up with the question ‘What else can we do?’   I love the opportunity to go ‘outside the box’ and learn about new things or technology or just plain ‘ole creative ways to get the message across.  It also seems to fit the wide range of experience I’ve seemed to have accumulated in a very short life. 🙂

As a member of the Southwest Airlines marketing team for over 16 years, I’ve spent time in all aspects of marketing from the local offices to interactive marketing and online advertising.  Over three years ago, I started my own company here, in the Valley, directing and assisting interactive marketing for startups and small businesses.  The passion and energy of entrepreneurs allows me to provide the ‘else’ and help them grow their business.

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