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QR Codes

January 7, 2011

This week has me thinking of a couple of things. QR codes intrigue me.  They look geeky.  Another one of my thoughts is I hate business cards. Why are we still exchanging paper?!!

After a discussion with my brother-in-law about what tech things we’re most looking forward to this year, we both mentioned the use of QR codes and it’s growth here in the US.  This prompted my research about QR codes with the specific intent to solve my frustration with business cards.

Here is what I’ve found so far.

VCards are what Outlook uses to store contact information.  You may need to set up the vCard template and then copy the text to the QR generator.

A couple of the QR code generators that I found and liked were BeeTagg and Kaywa.  Both generate QR codes for URLs, Phone, Text and SMS.  BeeTagg also gives the option to create a contact page that can be used for people to add contact information to a web page for use with many smartphones.  It even allows you to add a logo and even a message. Once the QR code is generated in BeeTagg, users are sent to a page like this:

The BeeTagg contact page can be then saved into a contact file without manual entry.

The vCard is really text that is sent and recipients of the contact info will need to save the file as a .vcf for their Outlook Contacts.  Of course, you may also just save your contact info as text and have recipients copy and paste the info to their files.

Remember, you’ll need to download a QR reader for your phone.  I’ve been using QRReader on my iPhone and it seems to have read codes fine and it’s FREE!

I’m not the greatest typist so I think I’ll save a vCard option and use my page in BeeTagg and start putting my ‘geek’ on for my next round of business cards.

Have you used QR codes?  What generators do you like?  What QR readers or apps do you use? Do you find them helpful?

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