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Discover the Triangle

November 30, 2010

25 square miles, 16,000 acres and 2 municipalities.

If you think all is ‘gloom and doom’ in the valley, then you haven’t heard about the Discovery Triangle. This morning I attended an meeting to get an update on what was going on in the Triangle and what Phoenix and Tempe are doing to build the community we live in.

For background, the Discovery Triangle encompasses a 25-square mile area from downtown Phoenix to Tempe and Papago Park.   The area is rich in assets, but divided by two municipalities, rules and focuses.  What happens next is exciting. The city officials, businesses and residents decided to get together and focus on the strength of combining the ‘whole’ for the long-term growth of the region.

How is this done? Several ‘expert groups’ were created to create action plans for their respective areas deemed to be integral for the development of the Triangle.  The groups included are listed below along with their chair.  They are volunteer driven and are looking for additional team members.

  • Development & Planning – Darin Sender
  • Education – Pearl Esau
  • Entrepreneurial – Kimber Lanning
  • Health & Nature – Darren Petrucci
  • Transportation – Marc Sorenson
  • Job Creation – Barry Broome
  • Public Policy – Grady Gammage
  • Neighborhood Revitalization – Paul Johnson
  • Social Sustainability – Debra Friedman
  • Sustainability – Ed Fox

A couple hundred people have participated in various sessions to talk about their ideas and suggestions to promote the area.  ‘Urban Vitality in Nature’ has been the re-occurring theme and has become a sort of working slogan for the effort.

From the Emerging Technologies Incubator at the Gateway Community College to the discussions on how cities will develop and grow communities to attract and retain Generation Y employees, it was great to see people planning for the future instead of blaming the past.

I love the creativity, the passion and the desire to grow and am looking at a volunteering for one of these groups.

What are your thoughts?  Is this what we need to move the community forward?

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